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      This is a website dedicated to inspire, comfort and provide useful information. Mendelev Ministries is an outreach which emphasizes sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the recognition that there are many other ministries and churches who do this same work. From one-on-one to large groups, people respond better to messages that bring them comfort. We emphasize "Contact" and "Tact." One great personal evangelist described tact as the ability to speak in such a way as not to unnecessarily offend anyone.

      Here you will find articles designed to bring comfort. At the heart of our work is the desire to help people get to the place that they can say they are really "never alone and never lonely."

You don't have to be . . .                           Click on picture for description
"Alone in Rome"

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2 Corinthians (Audio)
This is the entire book of
2 Corinthians,
read by Dr. Bolling,
used here by permission
of copyright holders of
Modern Language Bible
(currently out of print)

Introduction to the Revelation

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Soon, I will be posting a portion from my forthcoming book on Who's In Charge?: a Study on Authority, based on Acts of the Apostles, chapter 23.